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Les Negresses Vertes - Trabendo (LP, Album, Reissue)

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Les Négresses Vertes, which formed in 1987, is a French music group that combines world music and some aspects of alternative rock. Tracks often feature acoustic guitar and accordion, with some containing other traditional instruments such as piano and brass. The group's style is fairly upbeat and energetic on the majority of its tracks, with unusual rhythms, vocals delivered with a generous dose of zeal and vibrant energy, and accompaniment melodies ranging from lilting and distant to eccentric and fast-paced. These two factors give many of the group's pieces a strong sense of direction.

Release Info

Artist: Les Negresses Vertes
Label: Because Music
Format: LP, Album, Reissue
Country: France
Label: Because Music
Released: 2018
Genre: Electronic
Style: Leftfield, Downtempo


A1 Leila
A2 Les Mégots
A3 Hasta Llegar
B1 Ce Pays...
B2 Easy Girls
B3 Chien Des Ports
C1 Route 99
C2 Les Années Sans Lumière
C3 Trabendo
D1 Ignacius
D2 Green Magic Leila
CD1 Leila
CD2 Les Mégots
CD3 Hasta Llegar
CD4 Ce Pays...
CD5 Easy Girls
CD6 Chien Des Ports
CD7 Route 99
CD8 Les Années Sans Lumière
CD9 Trabendo
CD10 Ignacius
CD11 Green Magic Leila

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