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Last Dinosaurs - From Mexico With Love (LP, Album, Stereo)

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Last Dinosaurs are an Australian indie rock band from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia who formed in 2007. They band consists of Sean Caskey (Lead/Backup Vocals, Rhythm/Lead guitar), Lachlan Caskey (Lead/Backup vocals, Lead/Rhythm guitar), Danjuro Koyama (Drums) and Michael Sloane (Bass). Koyama and the Caskey brothers are all of Japanese descent, and the band have toured and frequently make visits to Japan. The band formed with Sean and Dan upon meeting each other during High School and realising they had an equal passion for music they first formed a band called "The Cairos" (who included Alistar Richardson/Zefereli, who was their touring drummer during 2011/2012) before writing music for Last Dinosaurs. Later on Lachlan and Sam Gethin-Jones joined, their bassist who stayed until 2013, who was replaced by Michael Sloane. The band's debut EP Back From The Dead in 2010 and subsequent debut studio album In a Million Years in 2012 received critical praise by Australian media critics including the likes of Triple J, among others. The band is currently signed in Australia to independent label Dew Process, and in the UK are signed to Fiction Records. Internationally, Last Dinosaurs distributes through Universal Music Group. On 28 August 2015, Last Dinosaurs released their second album Wellness. The album's release was preceded by singles "Evie" and "Apollo". On 5 October 2018, the band released their third album, titled Yumeno Garden following their 2 singles released that year, "Dominos" and "Eleven". The band wanted to step away from big budget production because they felt they were mature enough to be responsible for their own music, even admitting there were things about their previous works that they wished had done differently, or continued doing contrary to what eventually got released. "Yumeno Garden" sees the band almost entirely be self produced, with perhaps a small bit of help. The first half of the album belongs to Sean, while the second belongs to Lachlan, each singing their own tracks. Lachlan's half realises old songs that he has uploaded to SoundCloud under his alias "Notes From Under Ground", giving them refined sounds and vocals, or even completely different arrangements. In 2019 and 2020 the band released 2 standalone singles, "FMU" and "Flying" respectively, who are self produced with the help of other producers such as Jean Paul-Fung, who produced their debut album. "Flying" sees the band enter a new style of genre, 'nu-disco' after the Lachlan, the band and Jean all decided that the song would turn a different direction than it's SoundCloud demo. On 4 November 2022, they released their fourth album titled "From Mexico With Love", which is also self produced but with the help of producer James Angus. The album followed after 6 singles released periodically throughout 2022 by the label, starting with "Collect Call", followed by Look Back, "CDMX", "The Hating", "Auto-Sabotage", and finally "Put Up With The Weather!". This album was completely written by Lachlan in Mexico during 2020 in the height of the world pandemic, while the other members were separated from each other in Australia. This album sees a completely new direction, as Lachlan sings on 99% of the entire track-list, also the album contains many genres, not afraid to give the band more and more different sounds to their discography. The band is named after the song "Last Dinosaur" by the Japanese rock band The Pillows.

Release Info

Artist: Last Dinosaurs
Label: Nettwerk
Format: LP, Album, Stereo
Country: US
Label: Nettwerk
Released: 2022-11-04
Genre: Rock
Style: Indie Rock


A1 Hanson Ghost
A2 Look Back
A4 Put Up With The Weather!
A5 Auto-Sabotage
B1 Note To Self
B2 Can't Afford Psychoanalysis
B3 The Hating
B4 Collect Call
B5 When I See Pigs Fly

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