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Halo Of Flies - Music For Insect Minds (LP, Compilation)

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Halo of Flies was an American noise rock band from Minneapolis. Named after an Alice Cooper song, Halo of Flies was formed in 1986 by Tom Hazelmyer, John Anglim and Tim Mac. Over the next five years they released a series of seven inch singles and mini LPs starting with a limited edition, hand numbered single called “Rubber Room”. These singles were released on Hazelmyer’s label Amphetamine Reptile Records and later compiled on a number of LPs, and eventually as the CD (Music for Insect Minds) in 1991. The band partially reformed in 2007 under the name H•O•F, and continued to release new material.

Release Info

Artist: Halo Of Flies
Label: Amphetamine Reptile Records
Format: LP, Compilation
Country: US
Label: Amphetamine Reptile Records
Released: 2016
Genre: Rock
Style: Punk, Grunge


A1 Rubber Room
A2 Thoughts In A Booth
A3 D.D.T. Fin 13
A4 Can't Touch Her
A5 M.D. 20/20
A6 Pipebomb
A7 Sinner Sings
B1 Richies Dog
B2 How Does It Feel To Feel
B3 Ballad Of Extreme Hate
B4 No Time
B5 You Get Nothing
B6 Drunk (In Detroit)
C1 Garbage Rock
C2 D.D.T. Beat.69
C3 One Barrel Spent
C4 I'm Clean
C5 Headburn
C6 Easy Or Hard
C7 Father Paranoia
D1 Death-Of A Fly
D2 Ain't No Hell
D3 Spit It Out
D4 Human Fly
D5 I'm A Bug
D6 Jagged Time Lapse
D7 Clowns
D8 Tired & Cold
D9 Wasted Time

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