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Spin-Clean MKIII Drying Cloths (5-pack)

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Four times thicker, fluffier, softer, and more absorbent than their predecessor MKII drying cloths, the new MKIII cloths remain easy-to-use, lint-free, and the washable.

Custom produced for Spin-Clean®, the MKIII drying cloths offer even more absorbency when drying your just-cleaned vinyl. The MKIII drying cloths are non-abrasive and 100% cotton, adding the perfect finish to your “like-new” LPs and 45s.

Rewash cloths in washer with whites and bleach. Use one for cleaning and another for drying the record surface. Qty: 1 package includes 5 drying cloths.

Customer Reviews

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Gary Lough

Cloths were mk2 and not mk3 as advertised. But they will work just as well.

Thanks Gary. I just got off the phone with the distributor for Spin Clean. You did receive the MK3 cloths, but they were mis-labelled as MK2, which haven't been in production for about a year. The MK2 are thinner and have a blue ribbon along the side, whereas yours are all white and fluffy. The distributor still have some of these mis-labelled packs left in their warehouse, so they might pop up in the future, but no MK2 cloths are sold anymore.
I'm sorry about the confusion!

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