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Monthly Vinyl Subscription - 3 Month Gift Bundle

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This is the 3-month gift-bundle of our regular, monthly subscription service. Buy it for yourself as a trial or buy it as a gift for a friend. Your card will be charged once and the service will be cancelled automatically after 3 months.

The Funky Moose Vinyl subscription and music discovery service is a mouthful, I know, but in short, is a service for those who want to discover new music on a regular basis.

Every month, you’ll receive a record in the mail from a curated list of new and recent releases.

Current selection
You’ll see the latest releases below, but currently, the boxes that are being shipped will contain music in the indie rock or alternative rock genre

Beta Program
(aka. disclaimer)
The service is still in its infant stages with several kinks to iron out. That’s why it’s called a beta program until we’ve “seen it all”, so to speak.
When you sign up, please be aware that we’ll be asking you for feedback on a regular basis and that we might fumble the ball occasionally, but we’ll always make it right.



More detailed information can be found on VinylSubscription.ca.


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