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Building a record storage solution from 1 sheet of 8' x 4' plywood

People have been asking me how I made the record storage bins that I've been sharing over the past couple of weeks and instead of answering you one by one, I'll spill the beans here.
A while ago, I came across a post by Joe Hadesbeck in a Facebook vinyl collectors group that was building these same bins. He directed me to a thread on the site AudioKarma where several plans were suggested. I picked one and went with it. The first one turned out nicer than I expected, so I built 2 more and I'm guessing I'll need another one soon.
Each bin holds 400 records comfortably. 500 shouldn't be a problem either, but I find flipping through them with less records easier.
Each one is built from one single sheet of 3/4" plywood (birch, in my case) and 1 5/8" all purpose screws. Rona (like a Home Depot, for my American followers) has a cutting service, so I gave them the plans and they cut them up for me. All I needed to do is put them together. Some people in the thread recommend adding wood glue, but I went with an extra screw here and there.
No sag, no squeak. They each feel like a tank, ready to hold an elephant.
The plan I used, minus the angled sides. I opted to raise the top shelf a little more, because I'm tall and it gives more room to access the bottom shelf.
The total cost for each bin is under CA$50, . This is for the plywood, the cutting service and the screws. I imaging if you want to paint them, you'll go just over the $50-mark. Since I needed them for practicality rather tan aesthetics, I didn't paint them.
I was looking at several options, like the IKEA Kallax or Record storage crates, and they're great, but not for what I needed them for.
Here's an after-picture of 3 of the bins:


All I need now are some nice dividers, because the file folders look pretty ghetto :)

Leave a comment below with how you store your vinyl. I'd like to see how you keep everything organized.

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  • Get yourself some old records that you wouldn’t spin (Salvation Army perhaps), pull the vinyl partially out of the sleeve and glue in place. Paint marker or label the vinyl accordingly.


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